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Good Friday Appeal, Planned Burning, Leadership at Corio, Fleet Strategy

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 13 April, 2012

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Good Friday - "Thank You!" - A Fantastic Effort All Round!:

Not only did the Good Friday Royal Children's Hospital Appeal hit a record total this year, but so too did CFA members! CFA brigades across the State collected a record $1.25 million this year - an amazing (and humbling) effort! Over 60 years, CFA brigades have collected and raised $22.25 million for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. "Thank you and well done!" to all CFA brigades and members involved.

Two Fire Services, One Cause:

Part of the Good Friday fundraising effort was a joint 24 hour relay of CFA and MFB members in Melbourne's CBD. The total distance run was just over 300 km over 351 laps at an average lap time of 4 minutes and 13 seconds. The relay was led off by CFA DCO Steve Warrington and MFB DCFO Paul Stacchino. Organised by Christine Henderson (CFA) and Dennis Latchford (MFB) these runners collected a fantastic total of $22,066.45. MFB organisers were amazed how the CFA embraced the relay and how members from all parts of the CFA (a total of 53 staff and volunteers) came together for this awesome event. At one point CFA outnumbered the MFB personnel!

Planned Burning:

Many CFA brigades have been conducting planned burns, both of their own volition and in conjunction with DSE, Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water. The importance of fuel reduction burning is something that experienced firefighters easily recognise. In the fire triangle, fuel is the only factor that we can practically alter before a fire starts. The Bushfire Royal Commission recommended to increase the area of planned burning on public land. Since 2009 CFA has employed Vegetation Management Officers in each Region. They are to assist brigades to link in with the DSE burn program and in planning and preparing CFA planned burns. I strongly commend and support the active involvement of CFA brigades in the fuel reduction burning program. As well as reducing fuel loads, planned burning gives an opportunity for training and gaining experience in fire behaviour, ignition and suppression, as well as offering a great opportunity to actively exercise command and control on the fireground with our DSE partners. CFA is also striving to increase the "CFA say" on the location and prioritisation of planned burns - particularly in township protection burns.

Corio - Leadership In Diverse Community Fire Safety:

A word of congratulations and recognition to the team at Corio Fire Station. Through the career staff the has been some exceptional engagement with the Karen/Kareni community. LF/F Gavin Fitsgerald reports that late last year 30 members of this community visited Corio fire station for a 40 minute session, then had a tour of the station and discussed the use of equipment and appliances. The session was broken into 3 areas: Who we are, what we do and a home fire safety message. All of which was very visual as Craig McGarry produced a power point which was just photos and pictures. Gavin says that he had them in the kitchen talking about cooking safely, even had his socks and jocks by the heater showing the risk in heating and had some dodgy electrical appliances and cords to show them. Gavin reports that the guests were very interested and asked many questions. Gavin reports that future activities are planned to the Afghani and Congolese communities. Gavin says that "I've been involved in many worthwhile projects and activities in CFA but this would be without a doubt one of the more fulfilling and rewarding things I've been part of!" This is a fantastic effort and I want to thank the Corio team. This is important work and sets a standard. Well done!

Fleet Management Strategy:

Fleet Services Manager Peter Wright has recently released a brochure seeking feedback on the future fleet management strategy. The project is evaluating initiatives such as mid-life refurbishments; moving away from fixed serve life to a "fit-for-purpose" criterion; and rotation of vehicles from busy brigades to less busy brigades. The brochure also contains info regarding the Medium tanker currently under production. Download the pdf brochure (members only)

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