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Good Friday Appeal

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 28 March, 2013

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This year over 50 brigades are supporting the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal and upholding a proud CFA tradition.

Since 1951 CFA members have raised over $22 million for the Appeal, which has resulted in purchasing medical equipment for the hospital as well as providing funds for research projects and scholarships.

This dedication and passion to help sick children get better hasn't waned at all among CFA members, who last year broke their record by collecting $1.25 million of the total $15.8 million presented to the hospital.

Among other things, last year's funds enabled the hospital to buy a combined PET/MRI imaging machine to significantly improve health outcomes for Victorian children.

As part of the Good Friday Appeal TV coverage, CFA and MFB firefighters will take part in a televised high angle rescue challenge at MFB's Burnley Training Complex.

Over 50 CFA members will also join their MFB counterparts in the Melbourne CBD today to run laps and rattle donation tins across 14 hours for the Two Services - One Cause Royal Children's Hospital Relay. This event raised over $22,000 last year and saw participants run more than 350 kilometres, the equivalent of running from the CBD to Albury.

Our very own Captain Koala will be visiting the Royal Children's Hospital on Good Friday to make some new friends, accompanied by CFA's Moomba Queen April Himmelreich.

CFA brigades are the life blood of this appeal in rural and regional Victoria and I encourage members to publish stories on CFA News & Media about what they have planned for the weekend.

For more information about the Good Friday Appeal and to get involved visit:

Thank you to all of our members involved in the Good Friday Appeal. Your commitment to the cause is certainly recognised and appreciated.

I wish you a safe and happy Easter weekend. Take care of yourselves and others and enjoy what we hope will be a well-deserved break.

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