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Good luck follows bad with new car

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  9.26 PM 10 January, 2013

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Wallington 1st Lieutenant John Dickson was the astonished recipient of a new car this morning after a visit from Channel Nine's A Current Affair as he gathered with his strike team ahead of a day fighting the Kentbruck bushfire.

John had recently appeared on the show following the theft of his own vehicle while he was out attending an incident.

The ACA crew presented him with the car, a white Chrysler Jeep Cherokee, at about 7am at the staging area in Dartmoor.

“I’m pretty pleased with that,” was the firefighter’s understated response.  “Anyone know how to start this thing?"

Being the only member of his strike team trained to drive the Wallington appliance, he will have to entrust the new car to someone else for the trip home.

Fiat Chrysler, who donated the car, said that said that they wanted to recognise the bravery of our firefighters.

“A jeep will suit the lifestyle,” said John. “I’m spun out – amazing.”

View the footage on A Current Affair's website by clicking here.   

Last Updated: 12 January 2013