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Goodnight you're on your own

By: Robert Bury

  9.20 PM 23 April, 2015

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I just realised...

Some fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time..."

Others begin with "If elected, I promise..."

Have you ever noticed how some politicians always want a photo with a group of Volunteers during an Election Campaign  but disappear as soon as the Election is over and only reappear to take credit for something they had little to do with in the first place 

Not that this is a political blog just my observations of the things going on around me

I didn't particularly agree with the direction of the CFA under the previous Government then again I'm not all that happy with the decisions of the current incumbents.

Fiskville is a current topic of much discussion at the moment I have no doubt that much of what I hear has more of a spin on it than can be believed.

I wonder how the board can tell me that Fiskville is safe and will be cleaned up one day and then change its mind with a change in Government.

Maybe it's a long bow to draw but recently I looked into the make up of the board all very qualified in their area of expertise but only a few who ever faced a raging inferno.

I question their judgment when they effectively cancel the training opportunities of many Volunteers already struggling to get enough live Fire experience 

I believe that Fiskville could be fixed at much less cost than the repatriation of the Site and the rebuilding of a New Facility elsewhere 

I'm also somewhat concerned that the Fire Fighters Memorial is to be relocated

I have paid my respects there on more than on occasion. 

I wonder if the public would be happy if we were to move "the Shrine" or a St. Paul's Cathedral 

The disconnect between the Upper Management of CFA and the Volunteers  is something I have become aware of.

Now I don't mean operational management many of these men and women do an outstanding job respected by most they meet 

The Chief understands and listens most of all, I suspect he might like to do things a little differently, I would prefer that the Chief was in charge of the CFA as opposed to the current setup of Board and CEO. 

CFA Uniforms are another topic discussed frequently 

In my mind it should be one uniform for all the only difference being the word "Volunteer" under the CFA Logo on the Sleeve.

I did get into a discussion with a Career Fire Fighter he queried why did volunteers need Station wear at all for most part Volunteers are paged at short notice and generally turn out in whatever they were wearing at the time.

He was quite correct if the pager calls off I go. 

(If I'm lucky in a CFA T shirt that I'd paid for)     

It started me wondering did I really need a uniform ?

(After all the one I have, I purchased with my own funds) 

Would I bother to replace it should a new one be available?

When did I actually wear a uniform? 

From time to time I represent the Brigade and the CFA at Community functions rangeing  from Fire Ready Meetings to ANZAC Day marches and everything in between.

Would I be better of doing this in my Wildfire or Structure Gear?

My feelings is no I should have a uniform the same as the CFA Staff members who regularly interact with the public after all we are constantly told we are One CFA.

“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.” 

― Marcus Aurelius.

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