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Grampians team dominates games

By: Samantha Plater

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  10.43 AM 10 April, 2013

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Grampians team dominates games 

Game 1 - Grampians took on headquarters fire and emergency management and gave them a 10 to 3 whoppin!!!!  it would seem headquarters team tactic of not playing star player Stephen Walls in the second half didn't pay off 

Grampians Region Veg Management Officer Dom Uljanic demonstrated spectacular on court moves with some outstanding army rolls 


Game 2 - Grampians took on Gentis (Ambulance Victoria) 

It was a very close game with both teams tied until the very end, even with the wing defence Sherene Mounier knocking the wing attack to the ground they managed to get around Goal Keeper Rachael Leoncini to score a goal in the last seconds of the game to win.

Game 3 - Grampians took on Cuddly Koalas (VicPol) 

Fearing retribution from the aggressive Cuddly Koalas Grampians Champs had a slow start with many player regretting the potato cakes and ice creams for lunch. In the second half after a rousing half time serve forum coach Irene Keating the Grampians Champs came back strong to win the second half, it was too late to claim victory though.

Special motivational speaker David Tilson has been bought in to assess the moral of the team after the crushing loss he left soon after muttering I don't get paid enough for this! Last seen with the HQ team.

Game 4 - Grampians took on The Tigers (Ambulance Victoria) 

Moving from the inside courts to the outdoor courts did not impact on the Grampians team playing ability. In a game not that dis similar to the game played by Essendon against Melbourne the team dominated to win by 10 goals.

Despite the attire of the opposition ( over use of Lycra)  Anthony Beacham our star centre dominated the court in his terminator style sunglasses.

Goal shooters Jess Annear and Chrissie Stone showed everyone how it was done.

John Parrot struggled with his defensive position as goal defence preferring the up close and personal style which did not work for him or the referee.

Game 5 - Grampians took on Flabby Cabbies

Grampians Winners,

Flabby Cabbies being a no show for the day, obviously heard Grampians Region earlier success were to intimidated to show their faces

Game 6 - Grampians took of the All Stars

Grampians start with a 3 point lead, could this be true! Grampians could beat the All Stars the team on top of the ladder?  

Scorer Sam Wilson being asked by the All Stars Scorer, how long has your team been playing together? Sam's reply "just today!" 

Grampians definitely impressing the opposition.

After the half time break Grampians decision to move star Goal Defender FEM John Parrot into Wing Attack and move VMO Dom Uljanic into Goal Defence did not prove to be a wise decision and the All Stars took advantage and gained momentum to win by 10 points.

Grampians 5      All Stars 15

Fantastic effort from the Grampians Region team winning 3 out of 6 games. Thank you to the Grampians Region Players:

Rachael Leoncini - Goal Keeper

John Parrot - Goal Defence

Sherene Mounier - Wing Defence

Anthony Beacham - Centre

Dom Uljanic - Wing Attack

Chrissie Stone - Goal Attack

Jess Annear - Goal Shooter

Irene Keating - Coach/Supporter/Photographer

Sam Wilson - Scorer/Supporter

This morning’s injury count is still being tallied a recovery cool down session may be required

Go Team!!!! 

Last Updated: 11 April 2013