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Tractor sparks grassfire in Glenhope

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  6.38 PM 3 January, 2017

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UPDATE, Wednesday 11.15am: Three CFA trucks from Eppalock Group and Redesdale are still present at the incident.

Rostered Duty Officer Craig Houlahan said now is not the time of year to be slashing.

"High temperatures and winds create the perfect conditions for fire, so people need to be more careful," he said.

"If you must use a slasher during the fire danger period make sure it is first thing in the morning or after rain.

“Current legislation requires that all farm machinery is fitted with a defect free exhaust muffler, spark arrestor and a 9 litre extinguisher or knapsack.

“It is important that farmers carry this equipment with them at all times. These items may be the difference between a small incident and a major catastrophe.

"Dont be fooled, if a slasher hits a rock in a dry paddock it will almost always start a fire." 

UPDATE, Wednesday 7.30am: Crews are monitoring the scene of a grassfire in Glenhope, which has been declared safe. 

Four CFA trucks from Eppalock Group, Mia Mia and Redesdale are still present at the incident. 

UPDATE, Tuesday 7.25pm: The grassfire on Lintons Lane in Glenhope has now been called under control

The fire was started by a tractor with a slasher.

The fire has travelled to a Blue Gum plantation and even though there is still active fire, crews are working hard to ensure it remains contained.

There is still some minor activity on the flanks of the fire but crews are confident they can keep it contained.

Crews will remain on scene for some time but air support has now been released.

An advice message is still active for the towns of Glenhope, Barfold, Baynton, Redesdale and Sidonia.

UPDATE, Tuesday 6.45pm: CFA crews are currently battling a grassfire in Glenhope.

Crews were called to a paddock fire at 4.50pm and the fire is still not under control.

The fire is approximately 200 acres in size with two active fronts.

36 trucks as well as air support are working hard to contain the fire.

The easternflank of the fire has been contained but the head of the fire is still active.

An advice message has been issued for the towns of Glenhope, Barfold, Baynton, Redesdale and Sidonia.

There is currently no threat to communities, but you should continue to stay informed and monitor conditions. 


Last Updated: 23 March 2017