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Great day at Darley

By: Geoffrey Barter

Category: People

  11.29 AM 3 December, 2015

Location: District 24 News

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Having been fortunate enough to gain a scholarship to participate in the 2014 Certificate IV in Frontline Management, how good was it to have our graduation at Darley in Seymour?

I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in this course and to then have our graduation at the Darley's Stallion Stud in Seymour, I would like to say awesome and thank you.

Coming from a family of horse lovers, I certainly appreciated this exceptional opportunity. The facility is absolutely outstanding and the way we were hosted was nothing short of amazing.

Travelling down from the north-east, I was amazed at the transformation in how dry it was and as the Group Duty Officer for the week in the Rutherglen Group I was thinking how lucky we are for the conditions we have. I caught up with some of my family at Euroa and discussed this very point. That was a mistake. I checked my phone and wow. A 'make tankers 20' call for a fire in Wahgunyah.

Having my great mate take the wheel I called a number of key members of the team back home and was reassured that all was in hand. It really made me appreciate the pre-planning we have been doing in the Rutherglen Group and also District 24, how good it is to have a dedicated team willing to have a crack when needed.

Arriving at the stud I was just blown away by the whole presentation of the facility and even more so by the way we were hosted. Absolutely amazing and again I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to participate in the course and then topped off by this occasion.

Although a number of participants from the Mooroopna course were unable to attend, I was really please to catch up with those that did. Getting a chance to meet the new chief, albeit briefly, and also again meeting Hans Van Hammond and Andrew Ford, it really brought home to me a feeling of achievement especially with the way the speakers spoke about the whole program. 

Given my family of horse lovers, I wasn't surprised when Helen went off taking photos of this amazing place. My daughter would have absolutely loved this occasion. Well, maybe not the graduation, but certainly the Stallion Stud.

Another pleasing thing was on her return from taking photos I noticed Helen deeply engaged in conversation with someone I hadn't as yet met. Always up for a chat, I went over and had the pleasure of meeting one of our new VFBV Board members. Having not met Samantha before, I was really interested in her views and would like to thank her for her time. Great chat on a number of topics for which I thank her and having congratulated her on the appointment I wish her well during her tenure as a board member with the VFBV.  

Last Updated: 03 December 2015