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Gusty in Melton

By: Blair Dellemijn

Category: Incidents - Other, Partnerships

  10.48 PM 1 October, 2013

Location: District 14 News

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With the extreme wind conditions felt throughout Victoria over the last 24 hours, Melton Fire Brigade, working in partnership with SES, have aided in cutting up of downed tree limbs, as well as rapid area assessments throughout the City.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, Melton Fire Brigade have been assisting SES with the major backlog of calls for assistance throughout the City of Melton.

SES were stretched to the limit with crews out removing dangerous limbs, tarping roofs and general rescue work when the call for CFA assistance was received.

With the Pumper and Rescue sent out in different directions to give SES a hand in cutting up tree limbs, the Brigade FCV and Tanker were tasked with rapid area assessments of the area, namely, going from house to house checking on residents who had previously called for assistance.

Many thanks were received by crews from all residents they helped tonight, showing that the two services worked extremely well together.

Pictures by Blair Dellemijn - CFA Photographer.

Last Updated: 01 October 2013