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Harkaway Fire Safe Day

By: paul webster

Category: Community Safety

  1.29 PM 26 November, 2016

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Students at Harkaway Primary School teach the fire safety message to each other on Fire Safe Day.

The school split into their house groups, Chadwick, Melrose, Wandeen and Wickham. The groups had a mix of all year levels from grade 1/6 and the House Captians lead the session, the sessions where done in rotations of 40 min.

In the Fire Flies classroom Chadwick House the topic was the Fire Danger Rating, covering the higher the rating the more dangerous the condition, that the rating is your trigger to act, what each rating means with what should you do, where to get the forecast from; TV, radio and websites.

In the Assembly Hall Melrose House, three of the grade 6s each shared a common misconception about bushfires/safety, can you out run a fire, can you smell smoke when you are asleep, why you should use the back of your hand when you feel a door that could be hot, fire warnings, how you get warnings and know what's happening. We then all did 'Stop, Drop and Roll', 'Get Down Low and Go Go Go'.

In the Seniors Room Wandeen House did there Home Fire Escape plan and a Emergency kit, the children drew a floor plan of there house and where they would go when out and they drew a picture of the things that would be in a Emergency kit.

In the Art Room Wickham House had some reading, preparing your home for summer, Your Guide To Survival.

Harkaway is located within a small rural community 40km South-East of Melbourne with 80% of the enrolment coming from the surrounding growth area with some coming from Cockatoo, Emerald and Belgrave.

There are 162 Student, 78 Girls and 84 boys at Harkaway Primary.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017