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Harrietville update

  • Harrietville- Mt Feathertop fire from Hotham
  • Harrietville- Mt Feathertop fire from Hotham, image submitted via FireReady app

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  5.50 PM 7 February, 2013

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From 7.00pm this evening, the Harrietville – Feathertop fire will be known as the Harrietville – Alpine fire.

Since the fire started about two and a half weeks ago, it has moved south and there is potential for more spread into remote bushland, best known to many as the Alpine area.

The fire has been divided into two sections, north and south. This has been done to make the most efficient use of firefighting resources. This also means local knowledge is being used to respond to local incident needs.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said it was important the community take note of the name change and be aware of updated messages.

“Protecting lives and properties in these communities is our priority and, as part of that, we want to ensure the community has clear warnings,” he said.

"This fire has spread significantly from its point of origin, and the new name reflects the area where it has spread.

“We are expecting to be tested in the coming days and need communities to work with us to ensure that we make it through the worst of the conditions in the safest way possible.”

The Great Alpine Road is impacted by fire and will remain closed until safe.

The Alpine National Park, south and east of Harrietville, including Mt Hotham, and north of Dargo, is currently closed. Surrounding areas of State Forest have also been closed.

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Last Updated: 08 February 2013