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Harry the not-a-kelpie

By: Andrew Smith

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  10.55 PM 7 March, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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Mornington Fire Station received a desperate call for help from an anxious dog owner this week to help remove her dog “Harry” from a metal chair that he some how had become trapped in. 

On arrival the crew from Mornington not knowing what to expect were met by an RSPCA inspector who explained what had occurred and that a vet from Peninsula Vet Care in Mornington had also been called to assist. 

After a quick size up poor Harry had some how got the bottom part of his jaw through the ornate metal work on the back of an outdoor chair and was not going to be able to remove it without assistance. 

As soon as the vet staff arrived and sedated Harry, the crew consisting of Station Officer Andrew Smith, Leading Fire Fighter Paul Greeley, Fire Fighter Murray Peel & Daniel Ingram got to work to release Harry from his embarrassing situation. 

After approximately 15 - 20 minutes and some very delicate cutting and spreading, Harry was released and taken off the vet to be assessed. 

Harry suffered no ill effects from his ordeal and the owners reported he was back to normal the next day except for a sore jaw and a bit of missing fur.

Last Updated: 08 March 2013