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Have your say into CFA’s submission to the Fire Services Review

By: Michael Wootten

  3.37 PM 7 August, 2015

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We are preparing a submission to the Victorian Government’s review into CFA and MFB’s resourcing, operations, management and culture, and are seeking your feedback.

As you will be aware, the Review’s Terms of Reference (PDF 525k) is wide-ranging and encompasses all areas of the organisation.

It includes looking at what resources are needed to ensure Victoria is properly equipped and fire ready, how CFA and MFB staff can be best supported in protecting communities, interoperability between the fire agencies, our management structures, culture and how volunteers should be supported.

I believe it’s important for us to gain a better insight into how you view CFA and what changes you think should be made.

I am establishing a small working party to develop our submission to the review. They will use your feedback to help shape this.

When providing your feedback, we ask that you are brief and focus on the key points you wish to make, giving the working party time to review them and incorporate key feedback – as well as other insights and information – into CFA’s detailed submission.

Our submission is due at the end of August, with the report of the review to be handed to the Emergency Services Minister by 30 September.

Some people have expressed concern about what this review will mean for CFA.

I understand reviews can cause uncertainty and this is a natural reaction, particularly when there has been considerable change in the organisation.

However, as a government agency, reviews such as this one are something that will always be part of ensuring our organisation is delivering for our community and meeting future needs.

Reviews such as these give us the opportunity to raise options with Government we see as important to the future viability, improvement and success of CFA.

To provide input into our submission, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015