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Hazmat at Wollert

At approximately 2:30pm on Friday afternoon (21 June), Wollert and Epping Fire Brigades were paged to a reported “dumped drums leaking on the side of the road” in Masons Road, Wollert.

With further information being received by Vicfire of the type of chemical it could possibly be that was leaking, the Fire Services Centre Controller (FSCC), in consultation with the HAZMAT Action Guide, responded a Hazmat and Breathing Apparatus appliance from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB).

Once onscene, crews on Wollert Tanker 2 and Epping Tanker set up an exclusion zone, and waited for further resources.

With the arrival of dedicated MFB HAZMAT technicians, a decontamination area was set up. In consultation with MFB Commander Dorman, CFA Operations Officer Peacock responded South Morang and Craigieburn Fire Brigades for additional splash and gas suit wearers.

With suited up firefighters sent into the Hot Zone to take readings of the leaking liquid, CFA Scientific Officer Warren Glover gave specialist advice as to what the chemical was and if there was any special considerations to take in decontaminating the area.

With readings taken, a sample was sent to MFB’s Scientific Department at South Melbourne Fire Station for further analysis.

As with all Hazardous Materials Incidents, all personnel on scene were “wrist tagged” and a log of all those attending the incident were kept in line with protocols.

The substance was finally analysed  later in the evening as being paints and solvents.

Appliances onscene were;

Wollert – Tanker 1, Tanker 2, Ute.

Epping – Pumper, Tanker.

Craigieburn – Pumper.

South Morang – Pumper.

Operations Officer Phil Peacock.

CFA Scientific Officer Warren Glover.

MFB – Pumper-Tanker 7, Pumper 38b, HAZMAT 38, BA 38, Commander Steve Dorman.

Ambulance Victoria – Commander.

Victoria Police.

Local Council.


The Incident Controller was CFA Operations Officer Phil Peacock.

Pictures by Blair Dellemijn – CFA Photographer.

Last Updated: 25 June 2013