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Heat stress research, CFA Sunday, Summer fire safety

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 8 November, 2013

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Heat Stress Research

CFA's health team have been engaged in research into best practice for heat stress management over the past 18 months. This work has led to the development of processes to manage heat stress and rehabilitation procedures for firefighters during operational incidents. The early research was formally published and recently reproduced in both UK Fire Rescue magazine and Time Magazine, a compliment to the health team lead by Peter Langridge.

CFA Sunday

CFA Sunday will take place on 24 November, at the end of Fire Action Week which commences on 17 November. CFA Sunday provide a great opportunity to talk with your community about how to stay safe this summer, the work you do, and how to become a volunteer. I encourage brigades to take CFA's messages to their communities whether through a display at a local shopping centre, fete or at the fire station. Participating brigades will receive funding and core summer fire safety publications together with help promoting the event through advertising, state-wide media releases and maps showing participating brigades on CFA's website. Templates can be found on Brigades Online>Template Toolkit>Marketing Materials>CFA Sunday Promotional Material. Further information is available through local Community Education Coordinators.

Summer fire safety key messages

CFA's fire safety messages for communities this summer are now available online. Key summer fire safety messages are reproduced below:

  • Victoria is one of the most fire-prone regions in the world - the best way to stay safe is to leave the night before or on the morning of a Code Red day, or early in the morning on an Extreme or Severe day.
  • Make sure you know what fire weather district you're in, and check the Fire Danger Rating and Total Fire Ban for that district every day over summer. 
  • Talk to everyone you live with and your neighbours about your plans so you all know what you'll do on a hot, dry, windy day.
  • Pack an emergency kit with important documents, photos, medications, money and clothes so you're ready to leave early. Practise leaving.
  • Don't rely on getting a warning - it's your responsibility to know when to leave so stay aware of your surroundings over summer. For example, check for smoke in the air and listen for sirens.
  • Download the FireReady app so you can check Fire Danger Ratings and warnings and alerts any time, any place.
  • Check out CFA's website - - or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667 for more information on how to stay safe this summer. 
  • Call triple zero (000) to report a fire.
Urban fringe grassfire messages agreed by all relevant agencies to ensure Statewide consistency are also available.


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