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  10.47 AM 24 January, 2013

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Heathcote CFA is proud to announce the successful application to Fosterville Mine for Community Grants Program

The application was sent on the 20th of September 2012  for $2000 and were advised of our successful application on the 1st November 2012 and was granted $1715.

The Heathcote CFA members  purchased a M460 Still Chainsaw and all safety equipment for the Heathcote Slip-on, being in wine country this is a great asset to our Brigade as the slip-on being used for winery fires, and when we are  deployed to other fires, having the chainsaw for removal of trees, that may cause problems regarding access for crews and escape routes in heavy forest areas, also it is time saving for all concerned and an essential part of fire ground safety of crew and equipment.

We greatly appreciate the grant from Fosterville Mining which was presented to            Capt Shane Nixon of Heathcote CFA on the Annual Mine Open Day on Saturday 17th November 2012 by Mr Ian Holland General Manager Fosterville Gold Mine, Since the Community Grants program began in 2005 the Company has allocated more than $154,343 to 108 local community groups.

Fosterville Mine commenced in 1894, closed after 10yrs then reopened in the early 1900's, new sulphide operations began in 2004, first gold poured in 2005

Victorias largest gold producer, with over 100,000 oz in 2010-2011 and on target for 90,000 in 2012. The Mine employs 450 people many of them local and includes 100 contractors

Fosterville Mine is conscious of the environment and rehabilitation on site is on-going, all seeds are collected from site and returned back as direct seeds or seedlings. Environmental staff monitor for noise, dust and surface and ground water.

Visitors are encouraged to take tours up to the processing plant where this is explained in detail.

Again we would like to thank Fosterville Gold Mine for the much appreciated grant, who have many times donated grants to the community.


Capt Shane Nixon

Heathcote Fire Brigade

Last Updated: 24 January 2013