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Heavy rescue training


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  11.36 AM 22 July, 2014

Location: District 8 News

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Nar Nar Goon and Dandenong Join Forces for Training at Bangholme Campus.

On 7 July, members from Dandenong and Nar Nar Goon brigades undertook rescue training at SETG.

The night involved two scenarios with vehicles that had collided with a train, something all too common with these brigades.

The night showed the great working relationship and leadership between the two brigades.

The night was split into two sessions to create a realistic effect. “We didn’t tell anyone what they were going to do on the night, we wanted it to be a realistic as possible” said Nar Nar Goon Lieutenant Justin Seddon.

Each vehicle had multiple people trapped and with the assistance of the SETG staff we were able to fill all the roles required, from understanding train drivers to paramedics that wanted the hardest patient to get out first.

“It was a great night to practise and refine our skills, strengthen what we do” said Nar Nar Goon Captain Geoff Bramley.

"You could tell people were working hard, the night had a level of urgency about it and I think at one point I looked over and everyone had a sweat up” said Justin.

The night has a huge success with plans already being made for the next joint training session.

The brigades wish to thank all involved that helped make the night a huge success, and special thanks to Deb Willmott, Craig Lawless, Pedro, Paul Carrigg and Keith Pakenham for the photos below. 

Last Updated: 23 July 2014