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By: Darren Grevis-James

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  10.50 AM 5 June, 2013

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In February this year CFA commenced the Bushfire Helmet Torch Project which sees the fitting of helmet torch brackets to over 23,000 Pacific BR5 Bushfire helmets and the issue of approximately 10,000 UKE Herculite torches statewide.

The project continues to circulate fitting kits around the state for all Brigades who selected the “Self-Fit” option on the brigade survey. All brigades in Barwon Southwest and Gippsland Regions have now completed the fitting and have received their allocation of torches and storage cases. Currently fitting kits are circulating the Hume Region, with the Grampians Region scheduled next.

Each fitting kit contains the required number of helmet brackets, a fitting mask, drill bits, appropriate PPE, a socket driver and instructions to ensure correct bracket installation. Once a brigade has fitted their helmets, the fitting mask and socket driver must be returned in the supplied pre-paid express post pack as soon as possible to allow the next listed brigade to also undertake this process. The timely return of this equipment reduces the delay in fitting further brigades across the State.

During February, a torch bracket fitter commenced a four-month “fit by others” schedule visiting 104 brigades and fitting over 1700 helmets. These brigades have also received their allocation of torches.
It is expected most “Self-Fit” brigades will receive the fitting kit over the next 3 months. Again, this is critically dependent on the timely return of the fitting kits.

Torches and storage cases continue to be dispatched only when the brigades’ helmets have been fitted and fitting kit components returned. Torches are not individually issued. They are allocated to all bushfire firefighting vehicles on a “one per seat” (up to 5) basis and will be stored in a protective case along with replacement batteries.

For further information contact the project office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 05 June 2013