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Helping CFA mates get back on track

By: Paul Garvey

  11.00 AM 24 March, 2011

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It's not often that we stop to acknowledge the invaluable work done by our CFA Peers. These are volunteers who frequently step in at a moment's notice and selflessly commit their personal resources to help others through tough times.

Our CFA peers have been described as the ‘unsung heroes of CFA' and I support that wholeheartedly. The work done by CFA peers as well as district chaplains and other welfare support services remains as important as ever.

Despite the relative lack of a fire season, many of our volunteers and staff and their families have been severely impacted by floods. Their focus at this time is getting things back on track but we have to recognise that getting back on track doesn't usually happen overnight.

Supporting your crew mates is part of what CFA is all about - whether that is showing up on a Sunday to help clean up flood damage at someone's home or lending an ear where it's needed after an incident.

There may also be times when you can see, for whatever reason, that a mate isn't coping well.

I would encourage all our members to be aware that CFA's welfare support services can be a good port of call for anyone looking for confidential support and practical strategies to help deal with stress or trauma after a critical incident.

You can read comments from volunteers about the services, including the peer program, here.

CFA's welfare support services include:

  • CFA Peers via District Office of Headquarters
  • local Chaplains via the District Office or Headquarters
  • PPC Worldwide (psychologists and counsellors) by phoning 1300 361 008
  • Converge International (chaplains and psychologists) by phoning 1800 337 068
  • CFA After Hours Welfare Support 1800 628 616
  • CISM Consultant by phoning 9262 8560



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