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Heyfield history up in flames

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  10.47 AM 27 March, 2016

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Good Friday proved a busy evening for Gippsland firefighters, called to a blaze at the site of the former Heyfield petrol station.

Crews from Heyfield, Seaton and Winnindoo were called to the Pearson Street fire around 8:40pm.

Firefighters could see the glow from the fire and called for extra trucks from Maffra and Tinamba as well as the power company.

Thomson Group Officer Craig Bennett said they found the old Heyfield service station well alight and black smoke issuing from all of the windows and doors.

“The heat was very intense and flames were burning on the house next door and people were blocking the road watching the fire,” Mr Bennett said.

“Heyfield pumper with a crew of 2 arrived on scene and they quickly got water onto the side of the old service station where the flames were burning the house and stopped it from catching on fire. It was a fantastic effort by the crew under extreme stress, thick black smoke and heat.”

Heyfield tanker and crew arrived and set up straight away at the bottom of the service station to protect and stop the fire spreading into the adjoining shops and yards.

There were fears the building could collapse onto the house next door due to the intense fire, preventing crews from attacking the fire from within.

About 40 CFA members on scene at the height of the firefighting to stop it spreading to adjoining buildings.

“Heyfiled Captain Phillip Graham worked extremely hard with his breathing apparatus crews to stop the spread of the fire and to contain it to just the old service station,” he said.

“Inside the service station were very old cars, tractors and a vintage steam roller.”

It took around 1 hour to bring the fire under control, with crew successfully preventing any other building form being damaged apart from the house next door that had had about 10mt of weather boards and roofing timbers scorched. A really great job by the arriving crews.

It took a further 3hrs to extinguish the smouldering building completely.

GO Bennett said he was proud of the good work done by local firefighters.

“When we were finally finished work, I gathered all of the CFA members together and with the help of Captain Graham thanked all that attended. They had had a very hard fight and had lost some history in the town but if it was not for all those who worked extremely hard, they could have lost even more,” he said.

CFA Fire Investigators and Victoria Police examined the scene on Saturday.

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