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Heyfield brigade Juniors' weekend away

  • Heyfield Captain Phil Graham at Old Melbourne Goal

By: Emily Haala

Category: Youth & Juniors

  9.35 AM 24 September, 2014

Location: District 10 News

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Heyfield brigade Juniors went to Melbourne 13 and 14 September 2014.

It was a packed weekend. Six of the brigade's 10 Junior volunteers attended and it was a great time for all. Sightseeing and a lot of walking. 

On Saturday, after a scrumptious lunch at Errol’s in North Melbourne they went to the Old Melbourne Gaol where they were arrested and then wandered through the goal soaking up its history. After dinner at the Three Crowns Hotel in North Melbourne (the best steak ever!), they had a spin on the Melbourne Star where the view of Melbourne at night was incredible.

Sunday saw them heading off on the ferry to go to Scienceworks. As luck would have it, an MFB fire truck was out in the street as they were walking by and they were given a tour of the truck. They couldn’t have planned it better if they had tried. 

The Ferry took them down the Yarra to Scienceworks at Spotswood. The cruise gave them an interesting view of Melbourne and was a particularly pleasant Sunday morning experience. Scienceworks gave them the rescue exhibition, lightning show, planetarium and more. It was a very interesting and interactive day which concluded with a quiet ride home thanks to V-Line. 

Many thanks to Chris Speedie and Craig Bennett for the bus transfers courtesy of the Lions Club bus. Also, thanks to the four team leaders who attended and thanks to Jackie Mitchell for acquiring the grant money from City of Wellington and Bendigo Bank (Heyfield) that made all this possible.


Article written by Di Nickel, Heyfield UFB

Last Updated: 25 September 2014