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Heywood Wood, Wine & Roses Festival

By: CFA News

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  12.28 PM 1 March, 2017

Location: District 4 News

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“Safer Together” was definitely the theme at this year’s Heywood Wood Wine & Roses Festival.

CFA were well represented by John & Cameron with the Mobile Education Unit (MEU) bus, Bobbie-Lee Nelson and Andy Govanstone with the PAVS (Property Advice Visit Service) trailer, Darren Hoggan, Mark Saunders & Tim Patterson of the Heywood Fire Brigade, Leanne & Victoria from D4 HQ and not forgetting Captain Koala, who is always a big hit with the kids.

DELWP Forest Fire Management were right alongside us with Tash Noss and Sheree Mirtschin, Daniel Deppler from Parks Victoria and Lynne McMahon from the Glenelg Shire Council.

The event went off exceptionally well, with hundreds of people visiting both the CFA & DELWP sites throughout the day.

The PAVS trailer created considerable interest, with Bobbie-Lee and Andy giving great advice to community members about how to protect their properties. The MEU bus was also well attended, promoting bush & home fire safety awareness.

Kid’s activities again proved very popular and included badge making with DELWP & Parks Vic, CFA knock-em-downs, the CK & Friends cut-out banner and plenty of show bags & toy captains helmets to hand out.

A huge thank-you to all involved for making the day so successful.


Last Updated: 23 March 2017