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Hi all!


  11.00 AM 21 August, 2009

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Hi everyone!,

I've just new to this site and I wanted to add my two cents worth!. I really like what is being offered here, we really need a forum to express our opinions and I wanted to add mine in a show of support for the site. I have been a volunteer with Elmore brigade for about 4 years and I've been working for the CFA as a BASO (Brigade support officer) for the last 3 months. I see myself as a representative of the brigades point of view in all CFA dealings and try hard to explain things from the volunteer aspect. The pool of expertise in our members is amazing and the commitment shown in responding to both training and incidents is something to be proud of. I look forward to improving the connection between the brigades I'm responsible for and the administration that organises it all.

Thanks for being a part of it all too!


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