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By: Fiona Burns

Category: Community Safety, Youth & Juniors

  4.03 PM 19 December, 2016

Location: District 13 News

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Presented with a new portfolio of Community Safety, Hillcrest Fourth Lieutenant Andrew Smith took an earlier suggestion of running a colouring competition as part of Hillcrest Fire Brigade's Open Day. 

By Andrew Smith

This was a way of appealing to a different age group so that they could actively engage with traditional fire safety messaging.

Realising that a colouring competition was just right for the younger kids, but lacked interest and challenge for the older ones, the brigade devised three levels within the competition:

  • Children in Prep -1-2 were asked to colour in a provided drawing of Captain Koala and Friends.
  • Grades 3-4 were posed the question ”What superpowers would you give a SuperHero Firefighter? He, she or it could have any superpower/s that could be used to combat fire.
  • Grade 5-6s were challenged to create a logo based around being aware of the Fire Danger Ratings.

The three local primary schools in the brigade's primary response area - Woori Yallock, Launching Place and Don Valley - were invited to take part in the competition, and supported this initiative with enthusiasm.

The competition was launched at each school assembly by Brigade Captain Fiona Burns, Fourth Lieutenant Andrew Smith and brigade member Lincoln Wilson.

At the end of the three-week deadline, a total of 69 entries were collected and subsequently judged, with the formal announcement made by Operations Officer Andrew Booth at the brigade's Open Day on Sunday 27 November.

And the winners?

Prep-1-2: Stephanie Bronstring of Woori Yallock Primary School

Years 3-4: Acelin Baker of Don Valley Primary School with his entry 'Firefighter 2.0'

Years 5-6: Alyssa Barrile of Launching Place Primary School with a wonderful drawing and the logo 'Check Your Chances'

The Yarra Valley Group will be using 'Check Your Chances' as part of its messaging to the community during the 2016-17 fire season.

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