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Priority entry to university for CFA volunteers

  • ASPIRE students & their families attend the Latrobe Uni welcome reception
  • James Farruga, CFA volunteer at Truganina and ASPIRE Ambassador
  • Taylor Lindsay CFA volunteer at Rowville and ASPIRE student
  • Holly Mulder CFA volunteer Research with Vice Chancellor John Dewar
  • Vice Chancellor John Dewar welcomes the 2016 Aspire students

By: sherri mckerley

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  10.05 PM 11 February, 2016

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Do you have children or know any young members currently in year 10 or 11?

Did you know that volunteering for CFA can help them get priority entry into University? As well as mentor, a lower ATAR requirement & capped fees?


Read more about Latrobe University ASPIRE Early Admissions Program and some of the young CFA members taking advantage of this opportunity.

Contributing to the community is being recognised by La Trobe University in the belief that there is more to being a good student than academic ability.

It’s a refreshing attitude that rewards students who are committed to more than getting the best possible university entrance score.

The ASPIRE program began in 2014 and offers young people in year 12 who volunteer for organisations such as CFA, the opportunity to obtain priority access to Latrobe University. The program, which partners with the CFA, St John Ambulance and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, also includes pre-exam lecture revision, mentor support from a student ambassador and early access to all La Trobe University’s libraries.

Best of all early admission in September, well before they sit VCE exams, takes some of the pressure off as students in the ASPIRE program know that if they meet the minimum ATAR, they already have a place in their chosen course.

This year, La Trobe made offers to 1683 students through its Aspire program. CFA volunteers made up the largest portion of these recipients from any one organisation.

Community-minded students, particularly in regional areas, deserve the recognition and the incentive of an early offer that a program like Aspire provides,” says the Vice Chancellor John Dewar

“As well as supporting the development of the students’ future leadership skills, the program is attracting the type of students La Trobe University is proud to call our own.

“It’s a win-win for the student and the university.”

Holly Mulder (Pictured with Latrobe University Vice Chancellor John Dewar at the ASPIRE 2016 Welcome Reception) has been a member at Research Fire brigade for 2 years, joining when she was 16.  Holly, who completed her minimum skills just days before sitting for her VCE exams, says her brigade has been very flexible and supportive in her VCE year, and by being an Latrobe ASPIRE recipient, she didn’t have to worry too much about getting into uni, as she had already had an early offer into her chosen course of Nursing.  Holly will start at Latrobe on March 1st.

Joining Holly will be Taylor Lindsay from the Rowville Fire Brigade who also received her offer to do nursing. The 18-year-old has volunteered with the CFA for six years and said the experience helped her connect with the community. "It has taught me a lot of things. It's important because you learnt about all different sorts of scenarios and different ways of being a leader." She said signing up to the ASPIRE program had taken some of the heat off her VCE exams.

Last year’s successful ASPIRE recipient, James Farrugia from Truganina, who is entering his second year of law, is now a Latrobe university ASPIRE Ambassador, helping to guide and support new applicants, many of whom are also his fellow CFA volunteers.

For more information about Aspire go to:

Applications for 2016 are now closed, expressions of interest for those entering year 12 in 2017 are now being accepted.


Last Updated: 23 March 2016