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Honours and Awards’ toolkit launch

By: Darren Grevis-James

Category: Honours & Awards

  10.46 AM 28 February, 2013

Location: General

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An Honours and Awards toolkit, now available to CFA members, was officially launched by CFA Board Member Michael Tudball at this year’s Junior State Urban Fire Brigade Championships in Warrnambool.

The toolkit includes a manual and a colour poster that has pictures of all medals, ribbons, badges and certificates most frequently awarded to CFA members. It identifies each award and describes the specific criteria, an illustration showing how medals and awards should be worn, and guidelines for submitting nominations.

 Mr Tudball said the new CFA Honours and Awards Toolkit will help members understand the breadth of awards available and how to submit high quality applications for each.

“The Board sees this as another step in appropriately recognising the service of CFA volunteers and brigades and their contribution to the community,” he said.  “It’s a tangible outcome of one of the important themes of the recent Jones Inquiry and subsequent report that focused on CFA’s recognition of volunteers.”  

The toolkit is intended to promote a consistent, statewide approach to recognising CFA members and the interpretation of awards available. Both the manual and the poster will be available to view on the Brigades Online website.

 The introduction of a new suite of CFA awards followed a sweeping re-assessment of the process, and procedures to establish the types of awards and honours best suited to CFA members. This was done in consultation with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria, chairs of district planning committees, CFA group officers and regional operations managers and officers.

 New awards and enhancements include insignia to complement commendations and ‘unit citations’ for courage, a medal set for outstanding service, and a scroll for special recognition to brigades.

Last Updated: 28 February 2013