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Horsham Captain gets "Scania"

  • Captain Mat Walsh and his new "Scania" pumper.

By: Louise McGillivray

Category: People

  2.39 PM 17 October, 2013

Location: District 17 News

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Casting back around two years ago, there was quite a bit of talk around Horsham about the possibility of getting a Scania truck for Horsham Fire Brigade.  

Brigade Captain, Mat Walsh, has had a bit of a thing wanting a Scania fire truck ever since.  Last year the brigade presented him with a toy truck just to keep the dream alive.

 Recently, Ray Carman was browsing Facebook when he came upon a 1905 fire truck. That gave him an idea…  The new Horsham Pumper was presented to Captain Walsh at the Smoke Social on the 12th October.

 Ray went to the Horsham tip and brought home a $7 bicycle, brightened it up with $14 of red paint, and finished it off $8 worth of flashing lights.  The Scania badge was borrowed from a truck and the helmet is from Ray’s private collection.

 Captain Walsh will get his real Scania in the near future, we promise.

Last Updated: 17 October 2013