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Hot bird saved by Echuca fireys

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  2.48 PM 21 April, 2015

Location: District 20 News

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It wasn’t your average call-out for members of Echuca Fire Brigade on Tuesday morning. 

A local resident struck a bird while driving along Charlotte Street, and after pulling over, was amazed to discover the bird was still alive - trapped inside the car’s bonnet.

A CFA crew arrived on scene to find the corella wedged between the car’s grill and the radiator, and a delicate rescue operation ensued.

Firefighter Paul Nicoll said it was one of the brigade’s more unusual jobs.

“We opened up the bonnet, and the bird was sitting upright beside the radiator staring straight back up at us,” he said.

“It appeared to have an injured leg, but otherwise was OK.

“It was just remarkable it had survived.”

It took volunteers less than five minutes to free the patient from the vehicle.

The corella was placed safely in a shoe box and taken to the vet for observation.

“We’ve attended a few rescues for animals in trees, but this isn’t something you see every day.”


* Photos supplied by Riverine Herald

Last Updated: 21 April 2015