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House fire image & video update

  • House fire Elaine Crt Springvale
  • Getting water in
  • Yard and rear of house well alight
  • Working the west side
  • Working the west side
  • SSO Barry Nash in command
  • Trying to get to the seat of the fire
  • Protecting the exposures
  • Heavy smoke at the front
  • Managing water supplies
  • 38mm to the side
  • BA cylinder changeovers
  • SSO Nash co-ordinating crews
  • Fire extention into the roof
  • Roof attack
  • Rear of building
  • Rear roof attack
  • Decontamination
  • Bagging of PPC gear
  • AV monitoring FFs health

By: Keith Pakenham

Category: Incidents - Structure

  10.04 PM 15 January, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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Images and video from a house fire in Springvale from 14 Jan.

Senior Station Officer Barry Nash from Springvale Fire Brigade gives us a run-down on what happened at a house fire that originally came in as a yard fire.

The fire had a heavy fuel load on the property and access was hard to gain in some areas. The thick black smoke also hampered operations and as you will see blackened a fair bit of turn-out gear.

As a precaution those who fought the fire directly were washed down and their protective gear bagged up for a thorough cleaning just incase there may have been an involvement with asbestos.


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Last Updated: 16 January 2013