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Human Resources Kicking Goals

By: Paul Garvey

  11.00 AM 1 October, 2010

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As I ponder this weekend's grand final replay (even though my team only just made the 8) I at least have the satisfaction that one of the Blues took out the Brownlow. Then, as I flick through the HR Directorate business plans I wonder at how this year seems to have flown by, and I draw a parallel (believe it or not!) between football and CFA. To me it's as if we are in the final minutes of the third quarter, and I'll have the opportunity to motivate and inspire my team further before we head into the final quarter of 2010.

I believe Human Resources have been kicking some goals, and there's no better way to share these, than with Connect readers. This is the first of a new HR Directorate Blog where I plan to keep you up to date and informed on the key achievements and progress for our Directorate. I'll also be encouraging departments within the Directorate to share stories and updates as they happen, so keep an eye out for regular features from OH&S, Firefighter Recruitment, Youth Unit, Member Services, Diversity, Learning and Development, Industrial Relations and HR Services.

In no particular order some of the highlights in the past few months have been:

  • Volunteer Wellbeing Program: An extremely popular program which to date has seen in excess of 3,200 Volunteers undergo cardiovascular health checks. We offer the members testing for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and physical measurements that include height, weight and waist measurement plus the ability to enter this information into a risk assessment program. Funding to continue supporting this program has recently been secured. Further information about these checks and how you can get your Brigade involved is available from
  • Peer Support Skills Maintenance Program: Peers and Chaplains across Victoria as part of a statewide education program have now completed training in new techniques to support members and their families. The training and concepts have been well received by all who took part.
  • Firefighter Recruitment: Course 2 of 2010, with 25 participants, commenced on 28 June with Graduation scheduled for Friday 15 October 2010. Preparation for recruitment during 2011 has commenced with particular enthusiasm around the Government's announcement of funding for an additional 342 firefighting positions over the next 6 years.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: Over 30 different resources to support brigades with their efforts of recruitment, retention and recognition of Volunteers are now available - including a recruitment marquee, posters, banners, promotional DVD's, certificates and brochures. A catalogue outlining each, and how brigades may access these at no charge, has been created. In addition a new Recruitment and Retention Guide providing a range of practical strategies has been developed with a localised roll out approach underway. Practical sessions are being conducted with BASOs and Operations Officers who will then distribute the Guide and assist the brigades they support as required. The Guide will also be available online late October.

To finish my first blog, I'd like to also comment on the new Operational Training and Volunteerism department announced in Mick Bourke's blog last week. This new department for CFA will strengthen our commitment to and focus on operational training and volunteer sustainability. This department will be headed up by an Executive Manager reporting directly to the CEO, this initiative will also allow Human Resources to strengthen its focus on areas such as Strategic Workforce Planning and succession planning and looks forward to a close working relationship with this new department.

So until next month I guess we will all be going for the same team - unless of course you are a Collingwood supporter...


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