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Hybrid big fill-light tanker for Narre Warren East

Narre Warren East Fire Brigade has commissioned a brand new big fill/light tanker hybrid appliance, the first of its type in the CFA fleet.

More than 50 people from the local community, CFA and local government joined brigade members for the official launch of the truck.

Captain Peter Ryan outlined the evolution of the brigade’s big fill appliances, from their first big fill that was primarily influenced by CFA Life Member Lawrie Penpraze through to the current design. Captain Ryan thanked key funding contributors, including the Berwick Opportunity Shop, and CFA Engineering Manager Andrew Webb for his support.

Concept designer and project manager Lieutenant Ricky Blackhurst gave a brief explanation on the key features of the new appliance.

The truck was built by Bell Environmental based on the current standard Isuzu 1.2.4D light tanker platform with the brigade’s specific fast deployment big fill pump requirements adapted.

The new big fill is a versatile appliance with the full capabilities of a light tanker plus an additional PTO driven high volume big fill pump that exceeds the brigade's previous big fill appliance in both performance and ease of set up.

This was an engineering challenge to achieve, however the result is a flexible appliance that can be used in a number of ways on a dynamic fireground, from quickly filling multiple tankers to delivering water at a combined 3000 l/m or direct attack and blacking out.

The key features of the new big fill-light tanker include:

• Two independent pumps

• Hydraulically driven PTO high volume pump at 2000 L/m @ 850kpa

• Latest 3 cylinder Firefighter pump 1000 L/m @ 850 kpa

• Telescopic light tower with water point beacon

• Class A foam

• Rotary vane priming system

• 1300-litre water tank

Clint Leask, Narre Warren East Fire Brigade

Last Updated: 11 November 2015