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I would not wish this on anyone...

By: Rayleigh Vandermost

  11.00 AM 12 January, 2013

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I have heard a lot of talk and seen a lot of chatter asking how we can help those people affected by bushfire this season..
Almost every person interviewed recently that has lived through a bushfire attack has said the same thing. "I would not wish this on anyone, I hope nobody has to live through what I have just gone through."
Help make their wish come true. Get your Bushfire Survival Plan done.... Get it practised and get prepared.

The Fire Services across Australia seem to get slammed for not enough warnings getting out. You and you alone are responsible for your own safety during fire season. There are not enough big red trucks in the world to protect every house and shed, why do people think they can all be protected. They can not predict when and where a fire will strike, they can only provide information about how to prepare for it and how to get away from it when it does happen.
The Fire Services can give us information relating to increased awareness needed based on weather predictions, but usually, if you see a truck going one way, you should be going in the other.
Rural areas are largely manned by volunteer fire brigades and these heroic men and women leave the safety of their homes and workplaces to protect lives and property. Very rarely is it their own.
Show some respect and some common sense, help them help you by being prepared and staying alert.

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