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IGA Unsung Hero Award Nominee

By: Marlene Paterson

  11.00 AM 28 July, 2009

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We all know that being a volunteer is a thankless job yet we do it anyway. For most of us it is reward enough that we know in our own hearts and minds that what we do whether its chase flames or take meeting minutes that our contribution is benefiting our community. Well the Heywood Group Junior Fire Brigade members blew me away just recently by nominating myself, Marlene Paterson (Heywood Fire Brigade member and Heywood Group Junior Brigade Coordinator) for the IGA Unsung Hero Award. I wish to acknowledge the Junior members for their recognition but also ALL members of the Heywood Fire Brigade because without their support the Junior Brigade would not be what it is today. I may be the nominee but their is an army of people out their that have assisted me and the Junior Brigade and in my mind they are heros too!

THANK YOU to all.

Regional winners are announced Monday 3rd August. The state winner is determined by public vote on the website, 


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