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I’m Not Alone

By: Robert Bury

  11.00 AM 9 March, 2011

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3.24 AM The pager vibrating and screeching on the bedside table wakes me from my sleep

I get up and struggle to get dressed in the dark

My wife awaken by the commotion turns on the bedside light that makes getting dressed a little easier

"I'll be back" I tell her as I go out the front door

Having no idea when I will return

(I'm really thankful I have an understanding Wife)

Not sure what the I've been paged too I arrive at the Station

The Doors up

The Tankers on the Forecourt

I and the others similarly awoken get into our turnout gear

The Crew is sorted by the Captain

It turns out I'm to be Crew Leader

Andrew you're the Driver

Matt, Chris, Adam on the back

(Good thing its a Crew Cab)

I give the Turnout message to Vicfire

The message is acknowledged and followed up with further Information

It dawns upon me that we are not alone

There are people who have been on duty already

They have already received the 000 Call

Sent the Pager Message that woke us up

Received our Turnout and provided information

They are our contact

They are there to assist if necessary

I advise we are on scene

We are not required as it was a small incident

We arrive back safely at the station

"Vicfire Doreen Tanker in Station"

Another interaction with Vicfire

I want to say thankyou and acknowledge their support

I decide it's not appropriate for the Radio

Then and there I know that I must thank them for the work they do

So here it is

Thankyou to the people at Vicfire who do a fantastic job under at times difficult circumstances

I appreciate the way you look after us all in the field

I know we make mistakes yet you interpret our information and clarify when necessary

Never angry just cool and calm

I certainly feel better knowing you are there

Indeed you are an important link in the provision of what I believe is an excellent Emergency Service

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