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By: Darren Grevis-James

Category: Operational Information

  11.32 AM 17 May, 2013

Location: General

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The first ever joint CFA and DEPI (formerly DSE) Level 3 Incident Controllers accreditation ceremony has been held in Melbourne with 37 men and women from both agencies receiving accreditation certificates.

13 CFA volunteer members were among the accredited Level 3 Incident Controllers.

Presentations to each Level 3 Incident Controller were made jointly by the Fire Services Commissioner - Craig Lapsley, CFA’s Chief Officer - Euan Ferguson, and DEPI’s Chief Fire Officer- Alan Goodwin. The successfully accredited Level 3 Incident Controllers were also presented with a compendium, and a vest with gold ‘Rake Hoe Pin’. 

Fire Services Commissioner – Craig Lapsley said the multi-agency accreditation format reflected the recommendations from the Bushfires Royal Commission that agencies needed to work closely together to improve incident management procedures. 

Alistair Drayton, Manager Accreditation Programs for the multi-agency Incident Management Team Training Project (IMTTP), said a key objective was to collectively improve the sustainability of training, capacity and capability of incident management personnel for Victoria.

“The Development and Selection Process (DASP) together with common accreditation has seen both CFA and DEPI invest substantially in the further development of their senior incident management personnel to ensure the most suitable and skilled personnel are offered these opportunities,”

“One of the key objectives of the IMTTP is to build processes that focus on the importance of selecting the right people with the right skills and experience to undertake Incident Management roles, rather than allowing self-selection,” Alistair said.

So how does a CFA member attain accreditation as a level 3 Incident Controller?

Alistair said there is no additional 'technical training’ for Level 3 Incident Controllers. However those Level 2 Incident Controllers seeking Level 3 accreditation undertake a rigorous assessment and development process that includes several key steps.

First there is psychometric testing to determine suitability for role and provide advice on personal development.

There is then scenario testing that Involves a day of assessment across eight emergency management and fire related scenarios.

Candidates must also provide a portfolio of evidence of their experience and performance across a range of experiences at level 2 and level 3.

A panel of senior CFA and DEPI staff supported by a psychologist and highly experienced incident controller review the results of work preference analysis, scenario testing, evidence portfolio and a face to face interview with each candidate to provide a recommendation for accreditation or further development.

Based on the joint panel recommendation the Chief Officer then awards CFA Level 3 accreditation.  A list of currently accredited Level 3 Incident Controllers is provided to the Fire Services Commissioner monthly.

Last Updated: 17 May 2013