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By: Georgina Wood

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  4.10 PM 22 August, 2013

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There are some great incident management pilot courses coming up in September, so get involved. 

The Incident Management pilot courses are offered on both weekends and during the week to provide more opportunities for you to be able to attend.
Two to consider are the Community Officer (commonly referred to as Community Liaison Officer) and Media Officer courses.  Please see State-wide Learning and Development calendar. Both of these have weekend spots available. Please note that the advertised closing dates have past for some of the courses but we are still taking nominations.

The Pilot courses are the latest Incident Management courses and therefore include improvements from the previous courses or are newly developed courses altogether. They have been developed by subject matter experts from across the agencies and have undergone extensive review and testing. In addition, pilot courses are delivered by highly experienced and qualified subject matter experts and trainers. These Pilot courses will provide the foundation you will need in the future and genuinely contribute to authorisation to perform your role.

If you are interested and would like more information, and are based in a Region please contact your local Regional Incident Management Team Capability Coordinator (RICCs) – RICCs contacts. Please note you will require appropriate pre-requisites to attend the course. Your RICC can discuss this with you.

For State (HQ) based personnel please contact Peter Baker, Operations Manager (HQ Operations) on 0419 519 136.

Last Updated: 23 September 2013