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Inspector General for Emergency Management (IGEM)

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 2 July, 2014

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As mentioned in my blog yesterday, July 1 also marked the launch of the Inspector-General for Emergency Management under the Emergency Management Act 2013. This is one of the key milestones in the reform of our state’s emergency management arrangements. 

The Acting Inspector-General Clint Saarinen will now work to achieve IGEM’s objectives which include providing assurance to government and the community on Victoria’s emergency management arrangements, and to foster continuous improvement of those arrangements. 

CFA looks forward to working closely with IGEM to develop a monitoring and assurance framework over the coming months. This framework will enable objective assessment of the capability, capacity and performance of our sector as a whole, and support our combined efforts to build community confidence in the emergency management arrangements. 

IGEM’s other specific legislative responsibilities include: 
  • undertaking system-wide reviews of the emergency management arrangements based on an annual forward plan prepared with the sector. These reviews may be at the request of the Minister, or in response to particular emergency events 
  • monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the state’s (interim) Strategic Action Plan 
  • evaluating state-wide training and exercising arrangements in consultation with the sector 
  • providing assurance to the government, the emergency sector and the community on the ability of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority to meet agreed levels of performance. 
IGEM will draw heavily on the work of the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner that it supersedes; while also working to develop its own approach to supporting sector improvements, measuring performance and sharing learning. 

We at CFA fully support and welcome Acting Inspector-General Saarinen into this role, and look forward to working together with our emergency services colleagues to achieve the highest standards and best possible outcomes for our community.

Visit IGEM online for more information.

Mick Bourke

Last Updated: 10 December 2015