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Interview with Smokey

  • It was great to be up so high
  • Harness on ready to go up
  • Smoke detectors are important
  • Ballarat Town Hall
  • Winding back the clock
  • Ballarat Town Hall

Interview with Smokey from CFA Grampians Region

How long have you been with the CFA?

“I came to the CFA Grampians Region in 2009 with the help of RACV”

What is your role with the CFA?

“I help educate and promote awareness in the community about the importance of having well maintained and working smoke alarm”  “People are always so happy to see me as I remind them that they should have me at home”

What is the best thing about working for the CFA?

“I get to go to lots of really fun community events with my friends from the CFA such as the Wimmera Machinery Field Days and the Begonia Festival to talk about home fire safety”

Why do we need to check and maintain our smoke alarms?

“Working smoke detectors are really important so it’s really important to look after me so that I can look after you.”

What is the significance of daylight savings?

“Change your clock – change your smoke detector battery it’s a good way to remember as it’s easy to forget about me up on the ceiling”

How did you feel changing the clock on the Ballarat Town Hall?

“ I was initially scared but my friend,  fire-fighter Simon,  helped me put on my safety harness and that made me feel a lot better – we were a long way off the ground”

“When we got to the top I shouted that’s the biggest clock I have ever seen! and I got to work winding the big hand back an hour”

What was it like to be so high up on Ballarat City Fire Stations ladder platform?

“I am usually only on a ceiling so it was great to be up so high and be able to see so much”

Last Updated: 02 April 2013