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Introducing Volunteers and Strategy

By: John Haynes

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  11.12 AM 12 April, 2017

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Volunteers and Strategy are a new team; a cross-section of different parts of the organisation, aiming to improve the connection between the field and corporate CFA.

Although I don’t wear a uniform every day, that doesn’t mean I have any less connection with operations. I still hold the rank of Deputy Chief Officer and continue to provide operational support where necessary.

Our team has four main components; Business Intelligence, Volunteer Sustainability, Strategy, Capability and Innovation and Performance Improvement.

The model we are operating has been designed to bring a number of teams together with an aim of improving and sustaining CFA’s service delivery through intelligence and innovation.

We are working to improve the quality of data, and developing systems and processes to improve our reporting so that it can be confidently used to support evidence-based decision making throughout the organisation.

We are also using data and risk identification processes to determine what our capability (including people, training, trucks and equipment) needs to be, what the capability gaps are and to  improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery.

This means that CFA can direct resources to where they are most effective.

With our regional BASOs working out in the field directly with brigades, districts and regions, we can better understand local problems and assist in providing local solutions. This also helps those that deliver our services to define what their requirements are so the rest of the organisation can provide support with the appropriate products and services.

Our aim is to improve and sustain CFA’s service delivery.

By better understanding our service delivery, we can support the strategic direction of CFA, ensuring a connected approach to planning, from frontline to headquarters.

Monitoring our performance is also key to ensuring we are on the right track, doing the things that make a difference and progressing towards our long term goals.

John Haynes

Executive Director, Volunteers and Strategy

Last Updated: 12 April 2017