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It's Fight Free February time

By: Michelle Taylor

Category: People

  12.28 PM 6 February, 2014

Location: CFA HQ News, General

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Fight Free February (FFF) was initiated by Jane Libbis of Bayside Collaborative in 2011 with the first of what is now an annual campaign.

CFA promotes Fight Free February because we know that there is conflict in the workplace and at home that leads to stress which can cause both mental and physical illness.

If you would like to recieve daily tips from FFF, please go to their website and register your email address to recieve your daily conflict tips.

If conflict is causing significant problems in your life, seeking help is a good way to address it.

Peer Support can be accessed throught the Regional Duty Officer, Officer in Charge, Line Manager or Peer Coordinator.

Chaplains can be contacted directly on 1800 337 068

The number for CFA's Members Assistance Program is 1800 337 068

CFA has recently launched a new online tool called HeadsUp.  The below link will take you directly to the HeadsUp page.

Last Updated: 06 February 2014