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It's good to be back

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 15 November, 2010

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Ahead of the 2010/11 fire season I want to thank the CFA's 60,000 members for their hard work and commitment.

I strongly believe the person at the front-line of an organisation - in our case CFA firefighters - is the most important person and everything the organisation does should be focused on supporting that man or woman.

In my view, a key role of senior management is to provide support and resources so our firefighters feel well sustained, trained, equipped and lead. This will be my main focus.

CFA is better prepared and equipped than ever before for a fire season and we are held in very high regard across the country as a leader in emergency services.

This in no small part is due to the efforts of our volunteers and I know Victorians can once again rely on you to provide a professional service delivery.

Another key focus of mine will be ensuring effective education and fire warnings for communities - this is as important as putting out fires.

I am excited about returning to the CFA, where I worked from 1993-2001, to take up the position of Chief Officer after 10-years leading South Australia's Country Fire Service.

Over the next few months I plan to visit brigades and regional headquarters across the State, and talk with members and discuss issues and aspirations and test some ideas.

As the fire season and all its inherent dangers approaches, I implore all CFA members to maintain the highest standards of group and personal safety, particularly those that work on the fireground.

Safety must also remain of primary focus if you are attending any emergency event, whether it be road accident rescue, hazmat incidents, or structure fires.

I look forward to the challenges ahead and working with you, and other emergency service groups, to deliver an excellent service to the Victorian community.

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