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Jack the dog’s rescue tale

By: CFA Media

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  9.54 AM 29 February, 2016

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Jack, an energetic Labrador-cross, has been reunited with his family after being rescued from an old mineshaft near Ballarat at the weekend.

CFA was called to Greendale-Trentham Road at Blackwood shortly after 5pm on Saturday after being told a dog had fallen approximately eight metres down a mineshaft.

Blackwood Fire Brigade Captain Ross Hall said the rescue wasn’t a simple operation.

“We originally turned out with the ladder thinking we could use that to get down,” he said.

“The hole was approximately 1.5 metres wide and we couldn’t trust that the edge wouldn’t further collapse.

“But after measuring the oxygen levels at the bottom of the shaft we realised it was too low for a normal rescue, and we had to use breathing apparatus.

“Getting to the site itself was also very difficult. We had to walk around 300 metres through thick scrub and there was a possibility of other disused mine shafts being in the area.

“We could hear and see the dog at the bottom and he seemed fairy happy.

“His owners were there the whole time watching.”

A specialist mine rescue crew travelled from Bendigo to assist with the confined space rescue.

“When they lowered a rescuer down the dog was wagging his tail, so he was pretty happy to see someone,” he said.

Jack was finally lifted out at 8.30pm, safe and well.

“The owners were very, very happy.”

Mr Hall – who became Blackwood Captain last year - said it was one of the most interesting jobs he’d attended.

“It was very much an education. There was a lot of gear that was used that we hadn’t had the opportunity to see in use before,” he said.

Five CFA crews from Blackwood, Bendigo, Ballan and Trentham attended. 

Last Updated: 29 February 2016