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Jones Action Plan latest report

By: Darren Grevis-James

Category: Operational Information

  5.14 PM 8 July, 2013

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The second quarterly report from the Jones Inquiry Joint Implementation Action Plan was released today by Operational Training & Volunteerism Directorate.

The report highlights achievements and milestones over the past three months.

One of the key outcomes identified in the latest report is the status of the review into operational minimum skills.

Executive Director of OT&V, Lex de Man, says following extensive statewide consultation with volunteers and VFBV, the Chief Officer has endorsed all 22 recommendations that have flowed from the Minimum Skills Review.

“An implementation plan to address the outcomes of the Minimum Skills Review is now being formulated and we expect this to be completed this month,” Lex says.  

“We will inform CFA members of all the findings and recommendations of the Minimum Skills Review Report as well as a supporting implementation plan by late August this year. This activity is a
major piece of work and supports Jones Inquiry theme five ‘Training Development’,“ Lex adds.

The Jones Implementation Action Plan has been developed collaboratively between CFA and VFBV to ensure that the individual and collective needs of volunteers are addressed. 

“Each quarter we will issue a report so that all CFA members can keep informed about the progress and status of the actions that flow from each of the themes in the action plan,” Lex says.

The Joint Implementation Action Plan includes 46 strategies and 141 actions to be delivered over the coming years. It was developed in conjunction with the VFBV as a response to His Honour David Jones's ‘Inquiry into the effects of arrangements made by CFA on its volunteers’ report in July 2011.

Click here to read the full report, CFA’s Joint Implementation Action Plan, the Full Progress Report, or make a comment.

Last Updated: 08 July 2013