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Jones Inquiry update

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 28 March, 2012

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We're making good progress adopting themes arising from the Jones Inquiry and I'd like to update you on the work taking place.

Following the release of the Inquiry's final report, Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Peter Ryan, announced last month the six themes which now form the framework for CFA's response.

These include:

1.         Culture and leadership to empower and support volunteerism

2.         Recruitment, retention, recognition and utilisation of volunteers

3.         Strengthening the volunteer-based and integrated service delivery model

4.         Improved support for brigades and communities

5.         Training development

6.         Training and delivery assessment.

These themes will serve as a blueprint as we move forward in delivering a better experience for CFA members and a better service for the community.

We see the Jones Inquiry is an invaluable opportunity to ensure volunteers remain at the centre of everything we do, and I'd like to acknowledge the work of David Jones. Having a fresh, independent set of eyes look at the organisation and its volunteers will have a lasting positive impact on CFA, its members and the wider community.

We've wasted no time in working on a number of programs and initiatives, including the development of a clear statement of vision, mission and values along with the development of organisational leadership and structure - a key example being the Operational Training & Volunteerism department established 14 months ago.

While there are a number of initiatives already underway, CFA will continue to implement programs aligned to the six themes well into the future.

Work is continuing on a number of other initiatives including:

  • The launch of a set of new online training programs which will assist brigades in the maintenance of training as well as accessibility to training
  • Upgrades to existing CFA training grounds
  • Ensuring more training is delivered by volunteers within brigades
  • Portable training props to bring training direct to volunteers and;
  • Greater consultation with members through the Statewide Operations Training Strategy.

A member survey is also currently being undertaken to better understand how CFA does and should communicate with its members.

We're also working on the deployment of 64 Volunteer Support Officers over the next four years to work directly with CFA volunteer firefighters and we're making progress on the joint CFA and Department of Sustainability and Environment Incident Management Team Training project.

A key part of this is consultation and engagement with volunteers, CFA will continue to work and consult with its members and the Government right throughout the process.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this work to implement the Jones Inquiry recommendations, which will benefit us well into the future.

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