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July ELT and Board update

By: Michael Wootten

  12.01 PM 20 August, 2015

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As part of my commitment to keep members informed about issues discussed at the executive level, here is the latest recap.

The ongoing remediation work at CFA’s former Fiskville Training College was among the items raised at the July Board meeting. The Board accepted the findings of Independent Monitor for Fiskville Kieran Walshe’s final report. He commended the CFA’s implementation of the Independent Fiskville Investigation (IFI) Report recommendations, as well as other initiatives, highlighting most have now been completed.  The Board has now transferred responsibility for the remaining works to its Health, Safety and Environment Committee.

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Fiskville Interim Report was also discussed.  The report’s three recommendations focus on  environmental and health related issues, and access to information.  The Board supports these recommendations and looks forward to responding to previous evidence , when hearings resume.

The Board also heard about progress towards the creation of a new Firefighters’ Memorial.  Consultation is now underway on where it should be placed and what it should look like, with a team of experienced volunteers meeting with families and brigades who have lost members. You can have your say through the online survey.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meetings were also held throughout July. They analysed the Fiskville Parliamentary Inquiry interim report recommendations and considered CFA’s response. The ongoing strategic review into Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) was also discussed, along with the appointment of an Executive Manager to oversee the area. It also received updates on the proposed structural changes in  Fire & Emergency Management, Operational Training and Volunteerism, and Financial Services.

ELT decided which small scale projects should be financed by the Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) and received a progress report on the Koori Inclusion Action Plan.

The team also approved a new Wellbeing Research Survey, a follow-up to the 2012 poll, which assessed how CFA was meeting the individual and collective needs of its volunteers. The survey’s results will be used to improve members’ welfare and training.


Michael Wootten

Last Updated: 10 December 2015