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Junior Leader Forum 2017 - applications now open

  • Junior Leader Forum 2017

By: Emma Pears

Category: Youth & Juniors

  2.19 PM 19 July, 2017

Location: General

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The Junior Leader Forum 2017 is offering up to 120 places to Junior Leaders to attend the September Forum.

Where possible, the selection process aims to achieve a spread of CFA Junior Leaders from across the State / Districts to ensure a diverse group of participants and to maximise the opportunity for leaders to disseminate learned information through their own networks.

To be considered for the Junior Leader Forum, participants must complete the relevant Application Form, online.

You must have the support of your Brigade Captain. Endorsement will be sort from your Operations Manager.

The application link is provided by email. You will receive this today.

Jump on and register your interest to join the Volunteer Sustainability Team in Myrniong.


Last Updated: 20 July 2017