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By: Geoffrey Barter

Category: Community Safety

  8.19 AM 23 December, 2012

Location: District 24 News

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Fun for all and still a message.

A highlight of the year for the Barnawartha Playgroup, on 18 December, was when a couple of members followed up a previous educational-based visit with another one simply for fun.

In the middle of the year, Geoff Perry from Chiltern brigade and Geoffrey Barter from Barnawartha brigade delivered a session at the playgroup in Barnawartha covering 'stop, drop and roll', 'get down low and go,go,go' and other mesages. At the session were a number of youngsters from the primary school that's in the same grounds.

This was a very successful visit and it led to a request from the playgroup for a follow-up visit. What better time to do that than the last day of playgroup for the year? Better still, how about the last hour of the year and if it's OK can we get wet? Well, I don't see why not, so armed with some of the promotional material left over from CFA Sunday, the Barnawartha tanker made its way to the last session of the year for the youngsters.

With a red helmet each, the children took the opportunity to sit in the cab, turn on the siren and operate the charged line. Wow, isn't this fun? By this stage a number were, you might say, wet. Time for the monitor. After a quick demo on how far the jet will go, it seemed the logical step was to aim high and get wet.

The playgroup's Facebook page highlights the visit and how much fun was had by the parents, brigade members in attendance and, most importantly, the youngsters.  

After handing out some more educational and promotional material, the tanker returned to the station.

Driving home afterwards past the playgroup, you could see the youngsters heading off with a grin from ear to ear.

Last Updated: 24 December 2012