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Kangaroo Ground Community Meetings

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  4.27 PM 16 January, 2014

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Two Community Information meetings will be held for residents in the Kangaroo Ground, North Warrandyte, Warrandyte, Panton Hill and Christmas Hill areas.

These meetings are to inform residents of the potential impact of the fire at Kangaroo Ground if it escapes containment lines during tomorrows expected severe fire weather conditions.

The fire is still contained and there is no current threat to communities, but residents are urged to remain on high alert.

Kangaroo Ground Incident Controller Bob Brinkman said: “Firefighters will continue to work today and tonight on the ground to monitor conditions and prevent any further outbreaks.”

“The best thing the community can do is to be informed so that they can make educated decisions and act appropriately.”

“Ideally we are asking residents to stay away from the area tomorrow as this is their safest option to leave early well before there is any danger.”

“The meeting will provide the public with information about the fire and the implications of the predicted weather conditions ahead of us.”

The Community Information Meetings will be held at the following locations:

North Warrandyte: North Warrandyte Family Centre 186 Research-Warrandyte Road, North

Warrandyte at 7.00 PM

Panton Hill: Panton Hill Hall 580 Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road, Panton Hill

at 7.00 PM

A relief centre will be open for residents at Eltham Community Centre 801 Main Road, Eltham at 10.00am on Friday 17 January 2014.

For information on fires in Victoria and general fire safety, please contact the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on freecall 1800 240 667. Callers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech / communication impairment may contact VBIL via the National Relay Service on

1800 555 677.

People should also tune in to their emergency broadcasters: ABC Local Radio, commercial radio

and designated community radio stations or SKY NEWS Television.

Information is online at or

Last Updated: 16 January 2014