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Kayla Dwyer at Jubilation

  • Kayla Dwyer

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  2.21 PM 27 November, 2014

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On Sunday 14 December, the final day of Jubilation at Docklands, Kayla Dwyer and her band will take to the stage. They will take over the baton of CFA musical members from the Red Austins who will be playing Friday and Saturday night.

Kayla, a volunteer at Koroit brigade, joined as a Junior in 2007. Passionate about community safety she just stepped down as a lieutenant and is now the Community Safety Officer.  She started singing in 2009, found herself a band and has since then taken the music world by storm. 

In her first visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival Kayla was placed second in the Touchwood Singer Songwriter Competition at the TRECC. Then, in 2013, Kayla secured a position performing with other independent artists as well as several other appearances during the festival. Kayla has supported many well-known artists including Evermore, Kirsty Akers, Alan Caswell, Kaylens Rain, Christie Lamb and The Borderers.

“It’s really amazing how I randomly fell into it as I don’t come from a musical family at all. My family is the most surprised!”  Kayla said.

Kayla fuses her passions for performing and being a firefighter for CFA by performing at CFA events around the state. Jubilation will be one of the bigger events.

“We are stoked to be a part of Jubilation. Being from Warrnambool it’s great to get the opportunity to perform in Melbourne. I would love to Melbourne next year to surround myself with the eclectic music scene.”

Kayla will be playing with John Maroniti (lead guitar), Tim Conlan (bass) and Jon Emry (drums).

“I’m very lucky to have been playing with such talented musicians.

“I find the best way to truly learn each song is to chuck ourselves in the deep end on stage. I like to keep things fresh and keep the guys on their toes. I find that’s when we create the magic on stage.”

Kayla and her band will be playing on Sunday from 5.15pm to 7.30pm before jumping back on the road to Warrnambool – a trip she has made before and won’t easily forget.

“Once on the way home from a gig in Melbourne I forgot to fill up with diesel and didn’t realise it until 40 minutes past Ballarat. It was 2am and all servos were closed. It made for a slow but highly amusing trip home, rolling down hills all the way back to Warrnambool! Unbelievably we made it. It was very moving to see fans were with us and tracking our progress all the way home!”

Let’s hope Kayla won’t forget this time and gets home safely!

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Last Updated: 01 December 2014