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Kevin Atteridge – Outstanding Service Medal

  • Acting Deputy Chief Officer Garry Cook and District 23 Operations Manager Stewart Kretszheim present Kevin Atteridge with the Outstanding Service Medal
  • A crowd of 136 people were present to see Kevin Atteridge presented with an Outstanding Service Medal.

By: Craig Hearson

Category: Honours & Awards, People

  9.47 AM 29 December, 2016

Location: District 23 News

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Kevin Atteridge is an energetic, passionate man, heavily involved in his local community.

Kevin has been an active CFA member since 1966. This activity has not been solely operationally focused. Kevin is an extremely passionate CFA member, often holding multiple roles within the brigade and group at the same time.

The energy and time invested by one individual over 50 years is extraordinary and continues today with just as much enthusiasm. Kevin still undertakes everything with a focus on the benefit he can deliver to his community.

Kevin has been an officer with Springhurst brigade for 32 years, serving as captain for 18 years. In addition, Kevin served concurrently as a deputy group or group officer for 14 of these 18 years. Within this period, 10 years were served as both captain and group officer.

Kevin’s continued passion is rural fire brigade competitions, firstly as a competitor, now as coach and event organiser. Kevin has been and remains one of the driving forces behind the CFA District 23 Rural Fire Brigade competitions. The District 23 Rural Fire Brigade championships have been continuously held for 51 years, and Kevin has been involved for 50 of the 51 years, most of these in a leadership role. Kevin holds the position of president of the District 23 Championship Committee, a position he has held for many years.

Kevin as the Junior Leader at his brigade, continues to run training sessions and youth events for the brigade. For a small community like Springhurst to establish and maintain for over 30 years a Junior brigade with six teams of Juniors aged from 11 to 16, is a credit to Kevin's ongoing enthusiam and leadership.

The long-term investment value of this continued involvement in the CFA Junior program is evident both within and beyond the brigade boundary. Many neighbouring brigades have had members start as Juniors at Springhurst, then go on to become leaders and officers in their home brigade. Several have gone to develop careers within the emergency services sector.

When Kevin talks about fire prevention, it is with great enthusiasm. He actively engages his local community, advocating smoke alarms, changing them personally if need be and working with landowners, both public and private, to ensure they undertake work to reduce fire risk.

Kevin has now stepped back to fifth lieutenant, with his focus firmly on mentoring the new brigade leadership group. This will be the true value of Kevin’s CFA service. It will be realised through the leaders who have begun under his supervision and leadership in the Juniors, then progressed to become leaders themselves or others that have become better people by the example he has set.

This will be his true legacy.

Last Updated: 03 January 2017