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Kindling a CFA love

  • Daniel and Eva Banks from Glenaladale Brigade

By: Louise Haughton

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  10.20 AM 21 June, 2017

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Burning love for two CFA volunteers Eva and Daniel Banks.

Three years ago Eva and Daniel met while working at the local Lindenow Pub in East Gippsland.

Shortly after meeting, the pair decided to do something extra special together and joined their local CFA brigade.

In 2014, Daniel’s family farm was damaged in a campaign fire and ever since Daniel and Eva’s passion for helping their town grew.

Eva and Daniel joined the Glenaladale Fire Brigade in 2015 and Eva said they were ready to do something together for their local community.

“We have both completed the Crew Leadership Course CFA offers, and we are enrolled to undertake the CFA Fireline Leadership course coming up,” Eva said.

“It’s very exciting for us both to share a passion. We love being CFA members so much so we included the brigade on our wedding day."

Earlier this year Eva and Daniel travelled around south-east Asia together and fell in love with Vietnam.

“We spent most of our time in Vietnam; we loved touring the area on scooters,” said Eva.

“Daniel proposed in Vietnam, but a family event meant we had to end our trip and return to Iguana Creek to be with family.

“We decided the time was right to get married straight away while family was around.

“So we arranged our wedding on the Hill Paddock at Daniel’s grandfather's property which overlooks the Mitchell River National Park.

“We invited CFA to be a part of our special day as well, and can’t thank the brigade enough for helping us.”

Both bride and groom arrived in their yellow turnout gear on the Glenaladale fire truck, as it was Easter weekend and the weather still warm. They were even prepared to both respond in the event of a fire.

“We both arrived and surprised the guests,” said Daniel.

“To us it couldn’t have been any better. Our brigade allowed us to have the perfect day.”

Eva is now studying to be a teacher’s aide and Daniel is a tour guide. Both continue to be CFA volunteers who want to encourage others to join their local brigades and share the love.

If you are thinking of becoming a CFA member, call 1800 232 636 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 21 June 2017